What is a landing page and how can it boost conversion rates? – Olivia Colville

If every Google and Facebook ad you run takes potential customers to the home page of a website, you’re doing it wrong. Create landing pages that relate directly to your ads and you’ll see the difference it makes to conversion rates. Copywriters in South Africa should learn the art of creating landing pages that capitalise on this effect.


How to craft effective landing pages?

Simply put it’s a page specifically created with one call to action. There are no navigation links to lure visitors away from the action you want them to take. For a copywriter this means a landing page must include the following:

  • A single, focused call to action: Whether you want them to click through a product or complete a sign-up form, keep it simple.
  • Supporting images or a video: Give the user enough information to make an informed decision.
  • A match to the source: If you promised something in your ad, make sure you deliver it on the landing page you create. You won’t earn their trust if you send them to a page that’s unrelated to the message in your advert.
  • No navigation options: Remove links and tabs to stop them from wandering off the page. You want them to stay there until they take the action you designed it for.
  • Give them something of value: A landing page is the perfect place to us a lead magnet. Offer a coupon or free EBookin exchange for your visitor’s information or purchase. This further incentivises them to take the action you want them to.


Why landing pages work so well

Businesses in South Africa have yet to really harness the power of landing pages. Creating specific landing pages for campaigns works for the following reasons:

  • They result in qualified leads: Visitors who click through to your landing page wouldn’t be there if they didn’t want to be. Use a lead magnet that relates to the business, like a discount on their products and services. If they follow through on your call to action, it means they’re already interested.
  • They’re easy to test: You can easily tweak pages to determine what gets the best result. Being able to modify landing pages quickly and easily means you can test them even in the middle of a campaign.
  • They can be shared on social media: South Africa is a social media savvy country. Landing pages are perfect for sharing on these platforms

Local businesses have yet to discover that adding this technique to their arsenal can help conversion rates. Copywriters in South Africa should help these business owners stand out with landing pages. Are you a copywriter? Help them see the value that targeted landing pages can bring to their business and you’ll both reap the rewards.


About the Author – Since she was a little girl, Olivia Colville has always had her nose in a book. Her curiosity knows no bounds and she spends her time collecting stories. Olivia’s greatest wish is to become a sought-after copywriter. Fingers crossed!