Introduction to Sales Board

Welcome to Sales Board! If you stick around, you’re about to learn how technology can boost your sales and grow your company.

Sales Board helps you to manage your sales tasks by:

  • Helping you to generate leads and convert them to sales.
  • Reminding you to follow up on prospects days, weeks or months later.
  • Recording each stage of the sales process; from receiving the lead to closing the deal.

It’s a tough job, which is why so many businesses outsource their sales to specialised sales firms. But what if you could self-manage all your sales with one application? What if you could view everything that was done—and needed to be done—within the scope of your sales process?


What is Sales Board and What is Our Mission?

Upsales aims to revolutionise the sales process by providing simple automated systems that help sales reps and managers self-manage their sales. Sales Board is designed to increase client acquisition, generate profits, and take the guess work out of your sales & marketing processes.


How Can Upsales Grow Your Business?

There’s a lot to know about how to conduct a sale, and how to close a deal. Having an overview of your sales processes will give you the order you need to close more deals. It will also ensure that fewer prospects fall through the cracks, giving you the most out of every lead.

Sales Board is tailored to fit in with your current sales processes. We’ve added functions that enhance these sales processes while giving you an overview of every prospect.

Imagine being able to do all of the following from the comfort of your office chair:

  • Schedule appointments with prospective clients
  • Keep track of your leads and choose if and when follow ups must take place
  • Follow each respective client through the sales process and see where they stand at any given time:
    • Prospect 1: First appointment scheduled with prospect
    • Prospect 2: Prospect is interested in buying
    • Verbal Agreement: Client has verbally committed to purchase
    • Closed Deal: Sale has been made and the deal is closed
  • Gain easy access to all necessary forms related to sales and purchases
  • View immediate in-app assistance via Q&A documents, tutorials and guidelines
  • Track sales stats, targets and objectives


We developed Sales Board because we wanted one application that could comprehensively manage all aspects of sales. We’ve worked hard to make it simple to use, and highly effective at generating results.