Introduction to Sales Board

Welcome to Sales Board! If you stick around, you’re about to learn how technology can boost your sales and grow your company.

Sales Board helps you to manage your sales tasks by:

  • Helping you to generate leads and convert them to sales.
  • Reminding you to follow up on prospects days, weeks or months later.
  • Recording each stage of the sales process; from receiving the lead to closing the deal.

It’s a tough job, which is why so many businesses outsource their sales to specialised sales firms. But what if you could self-manage all your sales with one application? What if you could view everything that was done—and needed to be done—within the scope of your sales process?


What is Sales Board and What is Our Mission?

Upsales aims to revolutionise the sales process by providing simple automated systems that help sales reps and managers self-manage their sales. Sales Board is designed to increase client acquisition, generate profits, and take the guess work out of your sales & marketing processes.


How Can Upsales Grow Your Business?

There’s a lot to know about how to conduct a sale, and how to close a deal. Having an overview of your sales processes will give you the order you need to close more deals. It will also ensure that fewer prospects fall through the cracks, giving you the most out of every lead.

Sales Board is tailored to fit in with your current sales processes. We’ve added functions that enhance these sales processes while giving you an overview of every prospect.

Imagine being able to do all of the following from the comfort of your office chair:

  • Schedule appointments with prospective clients
  • Keep track of your leads and choose if and when follow ups must take place
  • Follow each respective client through the sales process and see where they stand at any given time:
    • Prospect 1: First appointment scheduled with prospect
    • Prospect 2: Prospect is interested in buying
    • Verbal Agreement: Client has verbally committed to purchase
    • Closed Deal: Sale has been made and the deal is closed
  • Gain easy access to all necessary forms related to sales and purchases
  • View immediate in-app assistance via Q&A documents, tutorials and guidelines
  • Track sales stats, targets and objectives


We developed Sales Board because we wanted one application that could comprehensively manage all aspects of sales. We’ve worked hard to make it simple to use, and highly effective at generating results.



Your Guide to the Top 5 DNA Testing Kits – Product Review

Are you looking for the best DNA testing kits on the market? If you’ve been thinking of getting a DNA testing kit, here you’ll find some of the best options available. Of course the best can only be defined according to what you use the test for. So whether it’s for paternity testing, ancestry DNA testing, or pet DNA testing, these are your best respective options.


#5 Paternity Depot

Perhaps the most common reason someone would take a DNA test is to determine paternity of a child. Paternity depot has attained a position in our top five because it is one of the quickest, most convenient and affordable ways to get paternity results through DNA testing. Accuracy is 99.99% guaranteed, so this is one of the top options out there today.


#4 National Geographic

Yes, they make DNA testing kits too. National Geographic DNA testing kits have actually been developed for historical reasons. These kits specialize in determining ancient ancestry, and this particular brand has proven to be one of the best versions of DNA testing kits in the world.



For more recent ancestral DNA testing, there’s the DNA testing kit from This is also a very popular buy for those who are researching their family tree. has developed a DNA testing kit that developed a reputation for convenience and accuracy.


#2 Embark

Dog breeders will be pleased to know that we’ve included pet DNA testing in our top five DNA testing kits. Embark is one of the most respected DNA testing kit on the market and has established itself as a go-to brand for dog breeders, dog show competitors, and veterinarians.


#1 Identigene

Our number one brand in DNA testing kits is none other than Identigene. Not only does the Identigene paternity DNA test kit guarantee you 100% accuracy on your results, but their service is matchless. Results are delivered within 2 days or less from date of postage. Everything you need is inside this kit when you open it. The forms, the equipment, clear instructions, legal documentation, and even prepaid postage. No wonder it’s such a popular choice among those seeking paternity results.


These brands come highly recommended so feel free to invest in any one of them for your DNA testing needs. All of these brands can be purchased online, and we’re positive you’ll find the pricing quite reasonable.



About Us Page for Full Period

Our main ingredient for success is… YOU


“I don’t see my clients as business opportunities; I see them as people who are just like me, which is why I believe that partnering with them is the only way to achieve ongoing success.” – Tlhokomelo Molokwane, CEO of FullPeriod


We’re listening

FullPeriod’s approach to your company’s marketing strategy is always based on YOUR vision. We possess the implements that will create the perfect outcome of that vision, which is why success is best accomplished when we collaborate with our clients regarding their specific goals.


The YOU-ingredient

We don’t expect you to get mixed up in the technical details of marketing; that’s our job! What you bring is more of a visionary element; someone who teams up with us to create the result you ultimately want.


The visual versus the practical

It’s true… We know how to make you look good. But why should you have to choose between something that looks good and something that works well? We believe that both aspects complement each other. Your clients may be attracted to you because of visual superiority, but we want to help you retain them with efficient functionality.


About the author: Copley Sutton, freelance copywriter in Johannesburg, South Africa. 3 years of writing experience. Many satisfied international and local clients that I work for on a permanent basis.

Medical Aids Do Fund Rehab

Those who have addictive tendencies are easily misunderstood by their friends and family members. It’s easy to give up on someone you know because of their addiction. The emotional strain that accompanies a relationship with an addict is enough to make most people throw in the towel without any further effort of attempting to help.

If you yourself are an addict, you know firsthand how crippling it is to be enslaved to a mind-altering substance. You often feel too weak and helpless to fight the strong tendencies that compel you to continue using. Fortunately for addicts, medical aid companies now recognize addiction as a brain disease. They are therefore willing to pay for treatment the same way they would for any other illness.


Medical aid and the ‘disease’ of addiction

Because medical aid companies accept the notion that addiction is a brain disease, they are willing to include addiction treatment in their insurance plans. This is often a part-contribution to the cost of the treatment. The percentage that will be paid towards this treatment will depend on the medical insurance company you use and the policy you have.

However, with the increase of knowledge that is being attained by psychologists and doctors, this percentage is moving up. Medical aid companies feel compelled to pay more for addiction treatment because of the growing number of professionals who concur of its disease category.


The various aspects of addiction treatment

Treating addicts is not just a single-phased process. There are many factors that play a part in the addict’s recovery. Among others are the following:

–          Psychology sessions with therapists before, during and after the treatment period.

–          Medical assistance for addicts who have become physically dependant on the substance.

–          In house accommodation for the patient, including meals, entertainment and medication.

–          Group therapy and motivational talks to inspire addicts to remain clean after treatment ends.

–          Post-therapy checkups to maintain the addict’s substance free state.


As mentioned, these are only a few of the aspects to treating addiction effectively and permanently. It’s a long process that can cost a significant amount of money. Not being prepared for something like this could really eat a hole in your pocket. Medical aid companies have recognized this and included this type of cover in their policies.


Supporting you and your family

There is also the aspect of maintaining the external relationships of the addict. This can include joint therapy with family members and pertinent friends or co-workers. Additional costs like these can and should be covered by your medical aid, providing you have taken out a policy that covers these aspects.


The medical aspect of addiction treatment

In addition to the psychological part of addiction therapy, there is also the aspect of medication. Patients need constant medical attention during the process of rehabilitation; and as we all know, medicine costs a lot. So do doctors and their professional expertise. Having cover for all of this is imperative.


Your best interests

Medical insurance companies are also coming to the realization that contributing to drug and alcohol addiction treatment is a viable way to keep the client in good health. In the same way medical aids subsidize gym memberships to maintain optimum health, so they also will intervene in a case where the health of a member is at risk.

Drug and alcohol abuse causes many associated health complications. Medical aid companies do not want to carry the costs of these related health problems. Covering their clients with addiction treatment is in your best interest; and theirs.


Does this include interventions?

In the case where a family member (who is under the cover of the member’s policy) needs to be forced into a rehab facility, advice and assistance are needed. This can be a costly exercise if funded by you alone. Many medical aid companies will include this aspect to their cover.


Consult your personal medical aid company today and discover their options on addiction treatment. It’s the first step to stabilizing proper, effective treatment for yourself or your loved one. Don’t see yourself as standing alone with this difficulty. Addiction is a problem that can be treated with the correct facilities and professional help. You’re not alone. Good medical aids do fund rehabilitation.