The need for Afrikaans copywriters

The Afrikaans community as well as Afrikaans marketing is still a huge force in South Africa. Many international companies have recognised this and begun to market their remote services to Afrikaans people. While the majority of companies will almost always expect Afrikaans people to identify with them in English, the wisest of overseas (and local) companies will utilise Afrikaans copywriting to connect with its market and enlarge its client base.

Copywriting in Afrikaans is as specialised as regular English copywriting. It’s a mixture between being an art & a science—and only the best Afrikaans copywriters can expand your marketing efforts well. For this reason there’s a significant rise in the need for Afrikaans copywriting; not only in South Africa, but across the world.

Even Google has updated its Afrikaans translation application and expanded its Afrikaans vocabulary. While this is still not 100% accurate in terms of sentence forming, more words are now available, much to the delight of Afrikaans copywriters.

If your business is looking to market to an Afrikaans demographic, why not connect with them on their own terms—in their own language? Not one Afrikaans person in South Africa—or anywhere else for that matter—isn’t proud of his or her Afrikaans heritage. Think of the edge you will have against your competition when you communicate with your audience in their home language!

Is it time for your company to get hold of an Afrikaans copywriter? Something to think about, isn’t it?