8 tips on how to create interesting Facebook content for your business

Running out of ideas for your Facebook content? Here are some ways to give your social media interaction a shot in the arm!


Write for people, not for your company

You need to add value to the information you’re posting for clients. This means that simply forcing ads in front of their eyes is not going to help you achieve your goal.


If you fail to post something interesting to read, your fans are simply going to scroll past your content. Make sure your content is interesting and engaging by using catchy headings and trendy topics!


Add a poll

If you have over 1000 LIKES on your page, consider yourself eligible to hold a private little survey for your Facebook fans. People love giving their opinion, so get them interacting with you to build trust and brand loyalty.


Make sure your question is interesting—ask around for some suggestions and make it relevant to your industry wherever possible. Also try not to overdo polls: Once a month is more than enough.


Diversify your content

If you keep posting the same type of content every week, your fans will quickly lose interest in your posts. Mix it up a little by diversifying between videos, pictures, news events, notifications of specials, blogs, and even a few jokes.


Do a service check

Though you may think that getting a public complaint on Facebook is bad for business, it actually helps you in more ways you can imagine. Consider posting a public message asking clients about the service they have received. Benefits to this are:

  • You are likely to get great testimonials which you can add to your website
  • Complaints will come to you instead of being spread secretly by word-of-mouth
  • You can publically handle the complaint to the satisfaction of the client for all to see
  • Other customers will feel at ease dealing with you because they can see that you care about giving satisfactory service


Highlight a blog section

If there’s a particular paragraph in your most recent blog that you feel is very relevant, highlight that subheading to your fans when posting. This will serve to entice them even more to read your blog because you’ve sparked their curiosity.



A quiz is simply irresistible to Facebook browsers. Ask a question, and offer to provide the question by getting your fans to take a short quiz. This will win you both clicks as well as lots of interaction from participants.


Keep up with what’s trending

Base your content on news that’s very popular. Recent examples of this is the Ice Bucket Challenge. To get an idea of what’s trending, spend some time on news sites or even YouTube.


Don’t neglect your weekend fans

Did you know that you can schedule posts? If your company is closed on the weekend, it doesn’t mean you can’t still reach out to your loyal fans.


Use Facebook to set up a future post and schedule it to go off on a Saturday morning or a Sunday afternoon. Think how good it’ll look to everyone that you’re always open to communicate!


About the author: Copley Sutton is a South African copywriter working out of Johannesburg, Gauteng. He specializes in optimized blogs for companies as well as SEO strategies for South African businesses. 

How does copywriting fit into online marketing?

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the science of engaging consumers on behalf of companies. Any type of writing that is done in the advertising arena should be done by a professional copywriter or it runs the risk of being bland and un-engaging.


There’s an art to writing engaging content that compels readers to stay on your page for longer. Did you know that your website visitors will decide within 8 seconds whether your page is relevant or not?


Holding your visitors captive for longer

55% of users navigate away from a site page within 15 seconds of landing there. This says a lot about the poor quality of so many website landing pages.


A decent copywriter knows how to keep your audience on a website for longer. It’s not just about writing good content, it’s about having a conversation with your potential customers.



Copywriting for search engines

Why do writing skills matter so much in online marketing? Search engine algorithms have been designed to rank sites that have been written for people. Good grammar, correct spelling, proofreading, and punctuation are all factored in to proper search practices.


This is an evolving skill. This is why Digital Direct Copywriters keep adapting to new and unique ways of catching—and keeping—the attention of readers. In fact, what is a copywriter if he or she can’t pull that off?


It’s all about content

Copywriting focuses on optimizing online business through blogging, external articles, keyword rich content, and catchy phrases.


Find out more about some of the content writing strategies you can incorporate into your online presence.