How to take the minimal approach to becoming more productive

The term ‘work smart, not hard’ has been thrown around for more than a decade now, but still people are confused as to what steps to take in order to do more in less time. Work has a tendency to pile up the further we progress in our careers, while deadlines remain as strict as they’ve ever been.

Getting headway in your work will win you the real commodity of our day; time. Money might make the world go round, but we all know that without time, money is pointless. So how can you get your work done and still retain enough time in your week to enjoy life?


Planning is half the battle

People who are flustered by a huge plethora of work often neglect the most important part of their working day; planning. Planning works as an investment in your time; i.e. the more you plan, the less you’ll have to work later. It’s a matter of knowing what to expect when the task comes up and having the strategy to deal with it effectively.

Take time at the start and end of every day to organize your tasks into manageable chunks that allow you to breathe in between. Once you’re finished a task, tick it off in your day planner. This gives you a sense of completion which enables you to focus on the next task with a clear mind.


Managing your time without anxious clock-watching

Having your tasks written down beside time segments helps you to get a fuller picture of all the work you have. Once you have this fuller picture, the day doesn’t seem as crammed anymore and your day is a lot easier to tackle.

It’s important to stick to your schedule. Failure to do so will invariably cause work to once again pile up into an unmanageable point. The best way to avoid this is to factor in reasonable breaks between your tasks so as not to burn yourself out.


Structure will keep you sane

No matter what industry you’re in, you need to work out a system that organizes your work in order of importance. The art of prioritizing has no set recipe. You will have to work out your own way of structuring tasks as they come in according to how important they are.

For inspiration, here are some ideas that have worked for others:

–          Colour coding: If your emails are filling up your inbox and you feel overwhelmed by them, consider a colour coding strategy. Red for urgent, orange for to-do, green for done, etc.

–          Piles: An overabundance of paper can fluster the best of us. Organize your documents into pile categories and watch how quickly your desk neatens and your work flows. Coloured paperclips can also make your tasks easier to identify.

Remember that a clear working area equals a clear thinking space. Your work will go faster—with minimal error—if you are in control and on top of every situation.


Let the time you’ll be saving motivate you to incorporate these methods into every day. Within no time, you’ll start noticing the difference: More time, less errors, and no reason to cut down on your workload.

Writing a good introduction and conclusion for your essay

A good essay is like a good sandwich. All the good stuff is in the middle, but without the bread it just wouldn’t taste as good. In the same way, your essay should have an introduction and a conclusion to complement it with that sense of roundedness.

There are various ways you can implement your introduction and conclusion. Take a look at the following. You can implement one of these examples to guide you in writing your own, or you can combine a few of them.


Soggy bread sandwich

What some would consider an easy way out, one method suggests that you simply use the content that’s been written and just compress it to form your introduction and conclusion. This means that you would have to do this after the main content is written. Doing this can work, but some readers will find it redundant that you keep repeating information in a different way.


Whole wheat bread

However, if you word the introduction in a way that lets the reader look forward to the content, and then close off nicely with a conclusion that confirms that same content, the reader is more likely to enjoy the beginning, middle and end of your essay. Give your reader a healthy pre- and post look at what your essay body contains without making it obvious that you’re reiterating anything.


Toasted sandwich

If you think you’re creative enough, you can always write an introduction and conclusion that are completely original and separate from the content. Doing this gives the reader a bit more to think about, but be careful not to go off the topic. Both introduction and conclusion should complement the filling.


No butter, with a touch of mustard

An introduction that contains absolutely no spoilers is only effective if it has a good hook. Offering no spoilers, but still being able to promise something to look forward to, will fulfil the purpose of your introduction.

In a similar way, your conclusion can now be left without any further convincing. Leave the reader to make his or her own conclusion to what they’ve just read. If your filling is tasty enough, who needs butter?


The purpose of the introduction and conclusion is to bring everything you’ve written together. Choose the above method that best suits your essay. Whichever you choose, make sure your introduction and conclusion compliment your paper.

About Us Page for Full Period

Our main ingredient for success is… YOU


“I don’t see my clients as business opportunities; I see them as people who are just like me, which is why I believe that partnering with them is the only way to achieve ongoing success.” – Tlhokomelo Molokwane, CEO of FullPeriod


We’re listening

FullPeriod’s approach to your company’s marketing strategy is always based on YOUR vision. We possess the implements that will create the perfect outcome of that vision, which is why success is best accomplished when we collaborate with our clients regarding their specific goals.


The YOU-ingredient

We don’t expect you to get mixed up in the technical details of marketing; that’s our job! What you bring is more of a visionary element; someone who teams up with us to create the result you ultimately want.


The visual versus the practical

It’s true… We know how to make you look good. But why should you have to choose between something that looks good and something that works well? We believe that both aspects complement each other. Your clients may be attracted to you because of visual superiority, but we want to help you retain them with efficient functionality.


About the author: Copley Sutton, freelance copywriter in Johannesburg, South Africa. 3 years of writing experience. Many satisfied international and local clients that I work for on a permanent basis.

Medical Aids Do Fund Rehab

Those who have addictive tendencies are easily misunderstood by their friends and family members. It’s easy to give up on someone you know because of their addiction. The emotional strain that accompanies a relationship with an addict is enough to make most people throw in the towel without any further effort of attempting to help.

If you yourself are an addict, you know firsthand how crippling it is to be enslaved to a mind-altering substance. You often feel too weak and helpless to fight the strong tendencies that compel you to continue using. Fortunately for addicts, medical aid companies now recognize addiction as a brain disease. They are therefore willing to pay for treatment the same way they would for any other illness.


Medical aid and the ‘disease’ of addiction

Because medical aid companies accept the notion that addiction is a brain disease, they are willing to include addiction treatment in their insurance plans. This is often a part-contribution to the cost of the treatment. The percentage that will be paid towards this treatment will depend on the medical insurance company you use and the policy you have.

However, with the increase of knowledge that is being attained by psychologists and doctors, this percentage is moving up. Medical aid companies feel compelled to pay more for addiction treatment because of the growing number of professionals who concur of its disease category.


The various aspects of addiction treatment

Treating addicts is not just a single-phased process. There are many factors that play a part in the addict’s recovery. Among others are the following:

–          Psychology sessions with therapists before, during and after the treatment period.

–          Medical assistance for addicts who have become physically dependant on the substance.

–          In house accommodation for the patient, including meals, entertainment and medication.

–          Group therapy and motivational talks to inspire addicts to remain clean after treatment ends.

–          Post-therapy checkups to maintain the addict’s substance free state.


As mentioned, these are only a few of the aspects to treating addiction effectively and permanently. It’s a long process that can cost a significant amount of money. Not being prepared for something like this could really eat a hole in your pocket. Medical aid companies have recognized this and included this type of cover in their policies.


Supporting you and your family

There is also the aspect of maintaining the external relationships of the addict. This can include joint therapy with family members and pertinent friends or co-workers. Additional costs like these can and should be covered by your medical aid, providing you have taken out a policy that covers these aspects.


The medical aspect of addiction treatment

In addition to the psychological part of addiction therapy, there is also the aspect of medication. Patients need constant medical attention during the process of rehabilitation; and as we all know, medicine costs a lot. So do doctors and their professional expertise. Having cover for all of this is imperative.


Your best interests

Medical insurance companies are also coming to the realization that contributing to drug and alcohol addiction treatment is a viable way to keep the client in good health. In the same way medical aids subsidize gym memberships to maintain optimum health, so they also will intervene in a case where the health of a member is at risk.

Drug and alcohol abuse causes many associated health complications. Medical aid companies do not want to carry the costs of these related health problems. Covering their clients with addiction treatment is in your best interest; and theirs.


Does this include interventions?

In the case where a family member (who is under the cover of the member’s policy) needs to be forced into a rehab facility, advice and assistance are needed. This can be a costly exercise if funded by you alone. Many medical aid companies will include this aspect to their cover.


Consult your personal medical aid company today and discover their options on addiction treatment. It’s the first step to stabilizing proper, effective treatment for yourself or your loved one. Don’t see yourself as standing alone with this difficulty. Addiction is a problem that can be treated with the correct facilities and professional help. You’re not alone. Good medical aids do fund rehabilitation.

Fast cash loans

There are few things more frustrating than being in a hurry and not getting what you need. It seems that when you need fast cash loans for something that is urgent, everyone is dragging their feet. There are some companies who know how to work with clients and others that just never listen. So if you needed to get a loan right now, how would you go about it?


The importance of shopping around

Of course most people get their cash loans by visiting their bank and applying directly there. But what if we told you that you could get a better rate? We’re not telling you to switch banks. However, you don’t have to always use your bank to get fast cash loans. Besides, once you have signed the form, you are tied in with the company you chose. There’s no such thing as a probation period when you sign up. It’s a commitment you must be sure of.


But I’m in a hurry!

Does your car need a service? Does Junior need new school clothes? Does your spouse need a medical check up? Are you a victim of cell phone theft and in need of an urgent replacement? All of these and more are valid reasons to get quick cash loans. Let’s be honest; who has time to shop around for the best loans when you’re in a hurry? Well, there is an easier way to get fast cash loans than phoning, emailing, and even quicker than walking in to your bank.


The quickest way to get quick cash loans

Did you know that you can get fast cash loans online in less time than any other method? Quoting websites are not new to South Africa. With the growth of the internet, this way of getting quotes for fast cash loans is becoming extremely popular. But many South Africans are sceptical about whether they can trust this method.


Online quick cash loans – Ask those who have used it before

It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t had experience sourcing short term or personal loans. Ask them about how they went about getting theirs. Was it easy? Was it fast? Did they get a good deal? Perhaps you will find someone who has sourced their fast cash loans online. Get their view on the subject and find out for yourself how convenient this method is.


Get a fast cash loan today by making an informed choice

The corporate identity of the various companies registered with us various from one to the other. One bank may give great fast cash loans to someone else, while another one suits you better. It’s all about weighing up your options when you look for online loans. Do this by using our quoting system and comparing the various features and benefits of each lending institution.


Instant means INSTANT!

It’s all very well getting online cash loans, but it wouldn’t help you unless you got them approved right away. The application process mustn’t take forever. Urgent cash loans should be approved online just as they were applied for online. So get yours approved quickly by starting right now!

6 tips that will help you improve the quality of an academic essay

If you’ve started writing—or have already written—your essay assignment, you may wonder why it’s lacking that X-factor that so often raises eyebrows and obtains an above average score. Looking back, of all the essays you’ve written in the past, the best are most probably the ones you actually enjoyed writing. Here are some ways to learn how to have fun during the writing of your essays.


Find a niche within your topic and drive it home

No matter what the topic, find an angle on that topic that fits in with your passion. You can’t go wrong with your essay if there’s some niche material mixed in that you can write on. If and when you have the freedom to choose your angle, or even your topic, write on something that you know and love so that the reader can see the passion through the words.


Take an unexpected turn

When you’re concentrating on working out an unexpected twist in your essay, you’ll hardly notice the work aspect of your writing. Intentionally surprise your reader with some wacky implications or whimsical results. A bit of comedy can also be a welcome addition, but be sure to know when to make a joke and when to remain sober minded.


Take breaks, and relax while you write

Good essays aren’t written in a hurry. Rather allocate yourself enough time to write the essay so that you won’t have to rush through it. You’ll find that once you’re relaxed, you write with more enjoyment, and end up finishing sooner than expected anyway.


Watch videos about your topic

It’s easier to relay information back in your own words if you get the information from a video as opposed to writing material. There are tons of free video materials on the internet where valuable research data can be extracted. Give these a view if you’re sick of reading up on your topic.


Ask an opinion on relevance

Once your essay is done, it can’t hurt to ask a professional writer what they think. They can even fix up a few edits you may have missed and advise you on whether the essay is good, or GREAT. Writers have seen countless work, so you can trust they know what they’re talking about.


Now writing assignments don’t seem so bad anymore. With writing becoming a fun activity, the quality of your essays automatically rises and so does your grade.

5 Types of managers that will resist your SEO sales pitch

At the point that you and your sales team endeavour to bring in more clients for your SEO services, you will certainly run in to a whole lot of objections that may deter your motivation. Here are 5 people you are likely to meet and how to overcome the obstacle of their objections:


  1. The straight shooter

What he’ll say: “I only need AdWords to market my business which is something I can handle myself!”


This type of manager may be tough to convince otherwise. As an SEO consultant, you already know that it takes more than AdWords to market successfully online. But how do you convince him of that?


Try the following:

–          Ask him if he is willing to save on his AdWords. Work out a package where your fees are less than the money he is overspending.

–          Let him know that in the near future, a bunch of his competitors will be opting for AdWords too. If his site isn’t optimized, how will he compete?

–          Do a quick analysis of his site and show him how long his visitors are staying on his page. If it’s below average, you’re half way there to convince him to reconsider his position.


  1. The sceptic

What she’ll say: “SEO is not a sure thing. I know because my brother tried it and it didn’t work!”


OK, fair enough. The world is full of these managers. Word of mouth has ruined their perception of SEO and now they have taken on an anti-SEO campaign with everyone they speak to.


As someone who realizes that SEO is a progressive science, you can pose the following challenges:

–          How long did her brother try it for? It takes at least 6 months to optimize a site—an investment worth waiting for.

–          What type of company did her brother try? There are countless small agencies who decided to jump onto the SEO bandwagon. Assure her that your company is serious.

–          Give this manager a list of things needed to truly optimize a site for SEO. Mention everything you can think of such as regular blogging, social media, link campaigns, affiliates… show that you know what you’re talking about.


  1. The analytic

What he’ll say: “There are only 10 places on Google’s first page list. What if 10 of my competitors also have SEO agencies optimizing their online reputation?”


This guy may be your toughest challenge yet. He’s a self-appointed logic expert and may even be a bit of a pessimist. Objections like these call for a no-hesitation jump into the deep end.


This manager will appreciate it if you really put yourself out there. Explain to him that:

–          Within the next few years, whoever has the best SEO company working for them will be the leader in that industry; then tell him that you are the best SEO company!

–          Explain that his objection is even more of a reason to hire you. How will he compete on an online level if he doesn’t start now?


  1. The hothead

What she’ll say: “How soon will I see results?”


Ah yes; the impatient one. She’s used to getting results and getting them yesterday.


You may want to try an analogy approach to this objection. Tell her that:

–          SEO isn’t a billboard that you stick up and wait at your telephone for customers to call you. It’s a comprehensive strategy that takes time, perseverance, and skill. Assure her that your team possess all of these qualities.

–          In the same way you cultivate a tree, a company’s online reputation must be a steady grow that adapts to the changing climate of the industry as well as the internet.


  1. The controller

What he’ll say: “OK, let’s go ahead. But I want to check everything and make sure it fits in well with my industry.”


Not really an objection, but certainly a red flag. A manager that wants to keep his hand on every move you make will ultimately work against him. You need to be clear about this when addressing this type of person.


In as nice a way as possible, explain that:

–          You and your team are experts at what you do. SEO project management, copywriting, and the psychology of web design are not skills you learn in a day. Leave it to the experts to do the heavy lifting.

–          SEO is too time-consuming to keep sending stuff in for checking. Assure your client that you perform strict quality control over everything that gets done.

–          SEO is trial and error. Mistakes are good in this industry. Any good SEO expert knows that perfection is unobtainable, but learning from mistakes is the best way forward.


Take this arsenal with you the next time you make a sales call and note your objections.

Let me know what SEO objections you receive during your sales visits!

4 Elephants addicted to heroin used to smuggle drugs

Conservationists in China have had to rehabilitate four elephants that were addicted to heroin. They were fed the drug by drug smugglers belonging to the Chinese triad.


Heroin used to control elephants

Campaigners alerted the proper authorities to a gang of drug dealers who were using elephants to smuggle drugs over the China-Myanmar boarder. This cruel tactic – feeding the elephants with bananas that were laced with heroin – was used by the Chinese triads to make the elephants easier to control.


Rehabilitation for the 4 elephants

The conservationists who have been helping to wean the elephants off the drug say that during the process of rehabilitation, the elephants were very difficult to control. “…it is every bit as hard for the elephants to go through the cold turkey regime as it is for humans,” Chen Jiming from the local elephant breeding center said.


 Elephant hunting banned in China

According to Jiming, elephant population in China has increased since the banning of elephant hunting. “But we haven’t increased the penalties for people who turn them into drug addicts by feeding them heroin laced bananas. This is also an important issue that needs to be tackled.”


Elephants are now clean

The conservationists used methadone to slowly wean the elephants off the heroin they were addicted to. “It has been a long battle but we can safely say that they are now reintegrated into elephant society and in some cases even have families of their own,” Jiming said.

The elephants are now doing well and have been declared ‘clean’ by the experts who assisted them during this tough time. They have now been released into the protected area of the Yunnan forest, where approximately 250 other Asian elephants currently reside.

– Copley Sutton: Freelance copywriter in Johannesburg, South Africa

Film producer auditions for a boyfriend—without them knowing

A filmmaker who describes herself as “really single”, recorded her attempts to find a boyfriend by pretending to cast for an acting role.


Is this for acting?

The audition started unlike conventional acting auditions from the very start. Jessie Kahnweiler asked applicants strange questions such as, “What’s your relationship with your mother like?” and “Do you have a history of male pattern baldness in your family?”  The unsuspecting men answered the questions and Kahnweiler recorded everything.


Lines from a romantic movie

According to Kahnweiler, the most romantic movie of all time is The Notebook. In the interviews she conducted, scenes from The Notebook were re-enacted to gauge romanticism.

Some of the guys shown in the video were dull and boring, while others really took on the part with the intensity Kahnweiler was hoping for. One applicant had such an effect on her that she jumped into his arms after his lines were read!


What women want to hear

But perhaps the strangest part of the audition was when Kahnweiler says lines she wants to hear from the guy in her life. The applicants had to repeat the lines so that she could gauge whether she liked to hear her subjects say them or not. Some of the lines included, “Want to go hold hands outside in the rain in front of your ex boyfriend’s house,” and “Please tell me all about your feelings and how you feel about your feelings.”


The choice is made

Finally, at the end, Kahnweiler had the unfavourable task of telling failed applicants that they didn’t “get the part”. But one applicant so impressed Kahnweiler, that she did give him the part. He, still thinking that it was for an acting job, was then asked by her if he wants to get married; to which he replied, “I’m getting married in August.”

So for Jessie Kahnweiler, the search continues.

– Copley Sutton

Milkshake: the cow who thinks she’s a dog

A cow with a very cute identity crisis

You may have heard about dog and cat rescues; but what about a cow? Milkshake seems to be a cow with an identity crisis: she thinks she’s a dog. This friendly little animal isn’t content to live as a normal farm creature who spends all her time eating grass. Milkshake would rather take a ride in the car, spend time in the house, or run around with her canine brothers and sisters—as one of them.


Milkshake’s abusive past

The story of Milkshake the cow starts with her being mistreated by her initial owner. Fortunately for the cow, the Grace foundation—run by Beth DeCaprio—was able to rescue Milkshake from the abusive individual and give her a new home at their ranch in California. Milkshake now spends all of her time with her new owners and all their dogs as just another addition to the family.


The cow that eats with the dogs

Although there isn’t much detail about the abuse Milkshake suffered, it is safe to assume that part of it was starvation. This cow has no natural grazing instinct and doesn’t seem familiar with grass at all. She was the only cow present at her first residence so she has no experience with other cows; hence the identity crisis.

Milkshake’s new owners have to feed her food in a bowl just like all of her canine companions. She seems to have no problem adapting to this feeding method as is evidenced by the ease with which she took to the routine. Her new owner, Beth, says that, “She is still not convinced she is a cow and has never been a fan of grazing.”


Just one of the pack

Milkshake thinks she is a dog and perpetually acts like a dog. She pines for Beth when she leaves the property and comes running to the gate with the other dogs when the owners return. In fact, according to Beth, Milkshake is often the one that prompts the other dogs to follow. Her identity crisis has neighbours and the media teasing Milkshake, but Beth and her pack of dogs are more than happy to have her around as a permanent member of the family.

– Copley Sutton