Your Guide to the Top 5 DNA Testing Kits – Product Review

Are you looking for the best DNA testing kits on the market? If you’ve been thinking of getting a DNA testing kit, here you’ll find some of the best options available. Of course the best can only be defined according to what you use the test for. So whether it’s for paternity testing, ancestry DNA testing, or pet DNA testing, these are your best respective options.


#5 Paternity Depot

Perhaps the most common reason someone would take a DNA test is to determine paternity of a child. Paternity depot has attained a position in our top five because it is one of the quickest, most convenient and affordable ways to get paternity results through DNA testing. Accuracy is 99.99% guaranteed, so this is one of the top options out there today.


#4 National Geographic

Yes, they make DNA testing kits too. National Geographic DNA testing kits have actually been developed for historical reasons. These kits specialize in determining ancient ancestry, and this particular brand has proven to be one of the best versions of DNA testing kits in the world.



For more recent ancestral DNA testing, there’s the DNA testing kit from This is also a very popular buy for those who are researching their family tree. has developed a DNA testing kit that developed a reputation for convenience and accuracy.


#2 Embark

Dog breeders will be pleased to know that we’ve included pet DNA testing in our top five DNA testing kits. Embark is one of the most respected DNA testing kit on the market and has established itself as a go-to brand for dog breeders, dog show competitors, and veterinarians.


#1 Identigene

Our number one brand in DNA testing kits is none other than Identigene. Not only does the Identigene paternity DNA test kit guarantee you 100% accuracy on your results, but their service is matchless. Results are delivered within 2 days or less from date of postage. Everything you need is inside this kit when you open it. The forms, the equipment, clear instructions, legal documentation, and even prepaid postage. No wonder it’s such a popular choice among those seeking paternity results.


These brands come highly recommended so feel free to invest in any one of them for your DNA testing needs. All of these brands can be purchased online, and we’re positive you’ll find the pricing quite reasonable.