Basic Conversion Tracking Explained

Conversion is the key to long-term success and has the power to literally make or break a business. It is crucial to understand how visitors interact with a website and use the insights to optimize it for conversion. We will hereby introduce a couple of valuable web analytics tools.



Sign up for a free Hotjar account. It will provide you with session recordings and heatmaps. To install Hotjar on your website, log in to your Google Tag Manager, choose your container and click on tags. Choose “Hotjar” and enter the ID provided by the service. Publish the container and verify the tracking code in Hotjar.

Hotjar allows for installation of three heat maps for free with up to 1.000 visitors per map. It is recommended to record the following:

  • Most popular pages (found in Google Analytics > behavior > overview)
  • Sales pages and or contact pages
  • Homepage


Visitors Reaching Money Pages

One of the easiest goals to set up in Google Analytics is those that show visitors reaching a certain page. The best parameters to track would be the number of visitors reaching the sales pages and the “contact us” page. If you are in eCommerce business, you will also wish to track the cart. The easiest way to do this is by installing “Advanced eCommerce Tracking.”


To do this:

Go to Google Analytics -> goals-> new goal -> custom call -> destination-> enter the URL you wish to track -> verify goal -> save.

If you have a clear user path through the website, set up a goal as described above and turn the toggle for funnel on. This allows for tracking the visitors who arrived from a certain page.

Use Google Tag Manager to track events, clicks, form submissions and similar.


Tracking Conversions With AdWords

If you are an AdWords user, you will wish to track your campaigns’ success. Optimizing the campaigns for successful strategies makes up almost two-thirds of a successful AdWords strategy. Google Tag Manager is also helpful in this regard. Watch this video for in-depth information.


Instead of a Conclusion

As you can see, conversion tracking is not an easy task, but is an absolute must. There are numerous tools that will help you nail the strategy and improve your online marketing campaigns in the long run. After all, conversions are what matter at the end of the day. Explore, enjoy and earn!