About Us Page for Full Period

Our main ingredient for success is… YOU


“I don’t see my clients as business opportunities; I see them as people who are just like me, which is why I believe that partnering with them is the only way to achieve ongoing success.” – Tlhokomelo Molokwane, CEO of FullPeriod


We’re listening

FullPeriod’s approach to your company’s marketing strategy is always based on YOUR vision. We possess the implements that will create the perfect outcome of that vision, which is why success is best accomplished when we collaborate with our clients regarding their specific goals.


The YOU-ingredient

We don’t expect you to get mixed up in the technical details of marketing; that’s our job! What you bring is more of a visionary element; someone who teams up with us to create the result you ultimately want.


The visual versus the practical

It’s true… We know how to make you look good. But why should you have to choose between something that looks good and something that works well? We believe that both aspects complement each other. Your clients may be attracted to you because of visual superiority, but we want to help you retain them with efficient functionality.


About the author: Copley Sutton, freelance copywriter in Johannesburg, South Africa. 3 years of writing experience. Many satisfied international and local clients that I work for on a permanent basis.