Milkshake: the cow who thinks she’s a dog

A cow with a very cute identity crisis

You may have heard about dog and cat rescues; but what about a cow? Milkshake seems to be a cow with an identity crisis: she thinks she’s a dog. This friendly little animal isn’t content to live as a normal farm creature who spends all her time eating grass. Milkshake would rather take a ride in the car, spend time in the house, or run around with her canine brothers and sisters—as one of them.


Milkshake’s abusive past

The story of Milkshake the cow starts with her being mistreated by her initial owner. Fortunately for the cow, the Grace foundation—run by Beth DeCaprio—was able to rescue Milkshake from the abusive individual and give her a new home at their ranch in California. Milkshake now spends all of her time with her new owners and all their dogs as just another addition to the family.


The cow that eats with the dogs

Although there isn’t much detail about the abuse Milkshake suffered, it is safe to assume that part of it was starvation. This cow has no natural grazing instinct and doesn’t seem familiar with grass at all. She was the only cow present at her first residence so she has no experience with other cows; hence the identity crisis.

Milkshake’s new owners have to feed her food in a bowl just like all of her canine companions. She seems to have no problem adapting to this feeding method as is evidenced by the ease with which she took to the routine. Her new owner, Beth, says that, “She is still not convinced she is a cow and has never been a fan of grazing.”


Just one of the pack

Milkshake thinks she is a dog and perpetually acts like a dog. She pines for Beth when she leaves the property and comes running to the gate with the other dogs when the owners return. In fact, according to Beth, Milkshake is often the one that prompts the other dogs to follow. Her identity crisis has neighbours and the media teasing Milkshake, but Beth and her pack of dogs are more than happy to have her around as a permanent member of the family.

– Copley Sutton