What’s worse: Fat or sugar?

The diet hype has propagated a theory that fatty foods and fat in general is the main cause for obesity in people across the world. The general advice to those who wish to lose weight seems to be something similar to, “Just cut out fat from your diet, and exercise regularly.”

But is this advice sound? Does it correspond with the newest studies done on the problem of obesity? The short answer is “No!” Let’s take a look at how the no-fat fallacy has crept into our thinking and what the real culprit in obesity is.


The no-fat revolution and its side effects

Fifteen years ago you’d be hard-pressed to find a diet book that told you eating fat was fine. And yet there was not enough demonization of sugar either. Fat was considered to be the main cause of obesity while sugar was left mostly unchecked.

But with newer studies we now understand that depriving your body of fat will make you… you guessed it; FAT! What so many people fail to recognize is that not putting fat into your body will cause your body to frantically store the fat it already has. This is a basic survival mechanism your body has.

Now let’s turn our attention to sugar. Eating foods that contain processed sugars causes a vicious cycle which you will soon see. Sugar in the body that is not burnt up will eventually be stored as fat. Now because you’re not eating fat, your body is holding on to those fat reserves for dear life. The result: obesity, as well as a multitude of other health problems.


Hidden sugar everywhere

What’s worse about this vicious cycle is that it sneaks up on people without them realizing it. You may be trying to avoid sugar as much as you can, but there are a multitude of foods that contain sugar. If you aren’t educated about what certain foods contain, you may be consuming a lot of sugar without even realizing it.

Something as simple as commercial bread is packed with processed sugar. Yoghurt is thought to be a healthy snack, but almost all flavoured yoghurts contain some form of sugar. Cereal is another culprit that is sadly consumed by children and adults every day. These are just a few.


Added sugar is not a food – it’s a chemical

There are many forms of raw sugar that come across in nature. These include fruit, honey, corn, sugar cane, and starchy vegetables and grains such as potatoes or rice. However, once these sugars come into contact with processing plants, they take on a new property. They are chemically altered into things like processed sugar, high fructose corn syrup, fructose, etc. These sugars are then added to the everyday food you consume and then wreak havoc on your health.

Something else to consider is that when companies add sugar to their products, they are doing so for one reason: to make more profits. They know that adding chemically altered sugar is a sure way to sell more of their product by getting people to crave it more.


The dangers of cutting fat out of your diet

Add to this the fact that you have been told by your dietician or doctor to stop eating fat. Fat plays an important role in the healthy functioning of your body. Cholesterol from eggs has been shown as an essential ingredient in brain function. Omega fatty acids are also important for a healthy heart, while other oils are excellent for joints and cartilage function.

As already mentioned, eating fat is also a good way of losing weight. By letting your body know that it gets regular amounts of fat, it will release the fat it already has instead of holding on to it as a survival method.



Imagine the disinformation out there saying that fat is bad and sugar is good. According to many tests, the opposite is now believed to be true by reputable nutritionists. Unfortunately, this information seems to have escaped modern South African nutritionists who are still peddling the no-fat fallacy. It’s time to get the most up-to-date information on the subject and start telling people the truth about why they are unable to lose weight.