Big jobs or small jobs for freelance copywriters?

Sometimes freelance copywriters have to manage up to 20 different clients in one month to get paid what they need. But other months turn out to be a breeze because three or four clients hand you such large projects that you don’t have time to take on anything else. So which is best?

I’d like to contend for the latter. Large jobs leave you with a lot less stress. You know that you have secured enough work for a large portion of the month. Applying for multiple small jobs can be very tiresome. I spend a good few hours writing thought-out proposals, researching clients and making sure I can do the job presented to me. If I could, I would gladly give up this time-consuming practice for consistent, large projects that actually PAY me for my time.

The secret to becoming successful at your freelance writing endeavour is to find yourself regular customers who need large projects done on a regular basis. For freelance copywriters in South Africa, this could be:

  • Marketing firms
  • Academic writing companies
  • Product review sites
  • Web development companies

All of these businesses need copywriting all the time. And chances are their projects are big ones. If you can, shift your attention to these kinds of jobs and gain more security in the freelance copywriting industry.


About the author: Copley Sutton is a Johannesburg based copywriter who writes for many local and international clients. At this point he is attempting to build up a team of freelance writers in South Africa and expand his copywriting service to new heights.