Why hiring a copywriter can help grow your business – by Olivia Colville

Whether you own a small, medium or large business you’re probably always thinking of ways to grow it. You might have considered hiring more staff, developing a new product or expanding into a new market. All of these ideas usually involve a significant amount of time and money. And unfortunately, there’s no guarantee of success.

But something as simple as hiring a qualified copywriter can take your business to the next level without costing the earth. This is especially true for new businesses. Laying the groundwork for building a trusted brand starts with the way you present yourself to customers.

A good copywriter has skills that go beyond filling up the pages on your website. These are five ways a copywriter can improve your business:


  • They know what you’re really selling

While you’re familiar with every inch of your product or service, customers are more interested in the benefits. Does it make their lives easier? Give them confidence? Make them happier? A good copywriter looks beyond the obvious to connect with your customers on an emotional level.

  • They know how to speak to your audience

Perhaps you’ve already created a detailed profile of your target market. You know how old they are, where they live and how they spend their money. But copywriters know what motivates them, how they use language and how to tailor a message they’ll respond to.

  • They know what your story is

Every business has a story to tell—even law firms and plumbers. Copywriters are skilled at creating a narrative around your business and communicating it with your audience. Telling customers your story helps them connect to you on a personal level. It’s the first step in changing a business into a brand.

  • They know how to keep it simple

If you’ve ever tried writing your own copy, you’ll know how easy it is to get lost in the details. A copywriter knows how to keep the reader’s attention and avoid the clutter. They understand the power of a succinct and structured message

  • They know how to make people take action

The best way to grow your business is to increase sales. Investing in advertising may get your name out there, but the real challenge is getting potential customers to take the next step. Copywriters can get them to pick up the phone, click on that link or add that product to their basket.


Copywriters can add real value to a business in ways that you may not have imagined. They can help you reach more people, increase your sales and grow your business. Hiring a copywriter may be the best business decision you make.



In-house copywriter or freelance copywriter?

Which is best for your business?

It’s inescapably true: every company will at some point need a copywriter. If that company wants to be competitive, market themselves or simply propose a deal, a professional writer is qualified to execute these tasks professionally. So should you simply hire a good writer? Is it much of a hassle finding one that offers his or her services on a freelance basis?

The answer is not black and white. While I would highly recommend that copywriters in South Africa work as freelancers because of the financial and time benefits, the fact is that permanent workers are still needed. So here are some questions to ask yourself about your company:


  • How much writing does my company need?

If your company doesn’t have enough writing to keep a full time copywriter busy for seven hours a day, it’s simply not worth getting one. If your writing needs are intermittent, consider finding a decent freelancer who is on call whenever you need him or her.


  • Do I have the time and energy to find the right person?

Finding employees that fit in with your company culture is hard. It takes time and money to find the perfect person, and even then you can be fooled into hiring a trouble maker! With freelancing, you have the option to not use someone again if they are not a good fit.


  • Will my company need many different styles of writing?

An in-house copywriter will have strengths and weaknesses. If your writing needs are diversified, you may find that one writer cannot do everything you need (unless you spend more money on training that person). Hiring multiple freelancers to work on your project is a cheaper, more effective means of getting your project off the ground.


  • Can my company provide outsourced copywriting services?

If you run out of work for your in-house writer, will you be able to offer copywriting services to your clients? If your business is structured in such a way (like a marketing company is), then an in-house writer is a great idea. However, if the writer is limited to your projects only, hiring a freelance copywriter is the way to go.


Answering these questions will give you a better idea of what direction you should take. Think carefully before making this decision. If it’s the wrong choice, you’re stuck with it.