My three internet heroes – by Copley Sutton

Yes, you can make a living doing what you love. If you think it’s a pipe-dream, you’re clearly not paying attention. There are people all around us who have taken their passion and turned it into a thriving income. The following list contains three of my favourite internet personalities. Not because they’re rich, but because they followed their passion and dared to live the dream!



Evan is a little boy who loves toys. He started out by making videos about some of the toys his parents bought for him. These videos resembled a detailed toy review. It gave other kids—and their parents—an idea of whether or not the toy was worth buying.

This little hobby soon turned into a very popular YouTube channel. Evan’s cute personality and honest opinion has made him one of the most popular personalities on the internet. Kids listen to what he says and respect his opinion when it comes to their toy purchasing trends.

To date, little Evan has over 2.8 million YouTube subscribers and a bunch of advertising deals with toy companies. He’s on his way to becoming a very wealthy young man and hasn’t even reached his teens yet. Go Evan!


Strength Camp

If you’ve never seen a video by Elliott Hulse, WHERE THE HECK HAVE YOU BEEN? This dude does not beat around the bush when it comes to strength training advice. Elliott has a great approach to speaking to his audience. His ‘No BS’ approach has won the respect of over 1.5 million YouTube subscribers!

People are listening to Elliott with very open minds. His advice has since stretched beyond strength training and covered other topics such as male confidence, nutrition, and mental stability.

By defeating his own demons and helping others do the same, I have mad respect for this guy. Hey Elliott… here’s to you, man!


James Altucher

If you think your life’s been rough, I’d like to introduce you to James Altucher. He’s my own personal writing mentor and internet hero. Overcoming all odds, James has gone from being broke multiple times to becoming one of the most influential writers in the world.

He is famous for his motivational writing tips which he gives out for free to those who are willing to listen. But people gain MEGA inspiration from his 10-ideas-a-day philosophy which has changed thousands of lives across the world. He recommends writing 10 ideas down in a note book every single day. It sounds crazy, but those who have tried it—including myself—have had major breakthroughs in their lives and careers.

“The way to have good ideas is to get close to killing yourself. It’s like weightlifting. When you lift slightly more than you can handle, you get stronger. In life, when the gun is to your head, you either figure it out, or you die. When you cut yourself open, you bleed ideas. If you’re broke and close to death, you have to start coming up with ideas.”

James is an internet sensation! You can follow his blog on Quora, or watch some of his motivational speeches on YouTube.


These three individuals prove that following your passion pays off. This is my shout out to them. Thanks for the inspiration, guys!