How does copywriting fit into online marketing?

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the science of engaging consumers on behalf of companies. Any type of writing that is done in the advertising arena should be done by a professional copywriter or it runs the risk of being bland and un-engaging.


There’s an art to writing engaging content that compels readers to stay on your page for longer. Did you know that your website visitors will decide within 8 seconds whether your page is relevant or not?


Holding your visitors captive for longer

55% of users navigate away from a site page within 15 seconds of landing there. This says a lot about the poor quality of so many website landing pages.


A decent copywriter knows how to keep your audience on a website for longer. It’s not just about writing good content, it’s about having a conversation with your potential customers.



Copywriting for search engines

Why do writing skills matter so much in online marketing? Search engine algorithms have been designed to rank sites that have been written for people. Good grammar, correct spelling, proofreading, and punctuation are all factored in to proper search practices.


This is an evolving skill. This is why Digital Direct Copywriters keep adapting to new and unique ways of catching—and keeping—the attention of readers. In fact, what is a copywriter if he or she can’t pull that off?


It’s all about content

Copywriting focuses on optimizing online business through blogging, external articles, keyword rich content, and catchy phrases.


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