Copywriters in Johannesburg – Good help is hard to find!

There seems to be a great need for good writers in South Africa which is why so many local clients opt for international freelancing platforms to get their work done. As an international writer, I have often been overwhelmed with too much work. This leads me to search for writers in South Africa who have the kind of experience I need to cater for all my clients and meet their deadlines.

This is not as easy as it sounds. Upon searching for writers and copywriters in Johannesburg, I found that many fancy themselves as writers, but either lack the qualifications or the drive to do it well.

Then there’s the question of work ethic. Those who are decent writers in South Africa are often full of excuses as to why their work could not be delivered on time–or why it wasn’t checked before delivery. As a South African copywriter who has been in this industry for over three years now, I know that such writers will not get far at all. They may have talent, but you need to be disciplined and apply that talent if you want to get anywhere. They may have good work ethic too, but get the qualifications behind your name before you start promising quality to companies.

Writing has also evolved into more than just the expression of ideas. Online writing has a multitude of categories:

  • Landing page copywriting
  • Product description writing
  • Website content that is SEO friendly
  • Business blogging
  • Online magazine writing
  • …and more

South African writers and copywriters who do not stay up to date with all of these trends will fall by the wayside. That’s why I encourage my team of writers to have a serious passion for online writing so that they can continually grow with the industry. It changes so fast.


If you are a great writer who knows you were destined to be in this industry, I’d love to hear from you. See my contact page and pop me a mail if you are looking to make an entrance into the exciting–albeit tough–world of online writing in South Africa.