7 reasons to date a copywriter – by Christel Coetzer

There’s an inaccurate picture of copywriters: hermits holed up 24/7/365 in lofts with typewriters. You’ll be pleasantly surprised if you get to know writers in South Africa and abroad. You’ll discover that these people are remarkable beings who might just be the best date you’ll ever have. It may even end up with a happily ever after!


  1. Copywriters are interested

Your local magazine is filled with information South African copywriters created from scratch. Where did they come up with the facts and ideas to give you an interesting read? They researched the topic! Their research is fuelled by an intense love and need for information on diverse topics. So whatever you may want to share with him or her will be listened to with riveted attention. You’ll never feel you’re speaking to the walls!


  1. Copywriters are interesting

The other side of the coin about craving information is South African writers also have a lot of information. You’ll always have a new topic to discuss, because copywriters write about every subject you can imagine. You can look forward to interesting conversations about fashion, technology or politics, instead of hearing the same dreary work issues every day.


  1. Poetry

Let’s face the truth: we don’t live in the day of Shakespeare where your other half regales you with sonnets and plays. That doesn’t mean the talent has died out though. A few individuals will still surprise you with an expressive letter or note on your pillow. And South African copywriters have all the skills to put these together. Your Romeo or Juliette may be sitting behind a computer!


  1. Copywriters can communicate well

It may have been a while since you’ve met people who can accurately communicate and even sort out a conflict situation. Many people lack communication skills and emotional intelligence. Copywriters use words daily to describe objects and deliver accurate messages. This talent decreases the chance of misunderstanding during a conversation with you. Choose clarity–choose a copywriter.


  1. Copywriters are creative

Excitement and interesting moments make a relationship much better. For writers in South Africa creativity is part of their daily routine. Copywriters’ words create images in people’s minds and it can be your privilege to receive these creative ideas daily! In the way descriptive words decorate a written piece, a meal created by a copywriter is garnished and tantalising to all your senses. Don’t settle for dull; there’s so much more out there!


  1. Copywriters talk to your soul

Copywriting isn’t only about reporting facts. Good copywriters know how to figure out what people think. They connect with people’s hearts, needs and dreams. This means your emotions and dreams matter to the copywriter you date. He or she knows how to find out what’s going on in your soul and how to meet its desires.


  1. Copywriters will make you famous

Are your dreaming of having 15 minutes of fame? With a copywriter in your life this is totally possible. Copywriters are active on the most powerful force in our day; the internet. Being a passionate partner, he or she will most likely report on the joys and moments of your relationship; whether writing about it on a blog or working it into a story. Whether your name or a pseudonym is used you can be sure aspects of your life will reach the world out there!


So what are you waiting for? Wipe the stuffy image of South African copywriters from your mind and get ready for a very interesting experience. Copywriters bring many good characteristics to the table; not only superficially but aspects that give you an interesting and lasting relationship. And copywriters are easier to meet than you think, because they hang out in coffee shops rather than lofts!