6 Important Reasons Why Your Business Needs an eBook

Ever been at a social event and been asked what you do? South Africa is full of people who own their own businesses, and if you’re passionate about yours, you always get a thrill out of explaining it to someone. Being online is the digital equivalent of being at a social event. Today, it’s important to have a summary of what your company offers—in case someone asks. That’s what eBooks are for, and here are six reasons why your company needs a South African eBook writer.


  1. eBooks are quick, simple ways to explain your company

Do you have the idea that an eBook is a long drawn out book? That’s not necessarily true. eBooks can be short, punchy documents packed full of exciting images, catch phrases and bits of information. Look at it as a product catalogue, but one that garners the interest of its readers.

The best eBooks don’t contain loads of boring facts about your company. Good eBook writers know how to make your product or service look exciting—and they know how to get readers excited too. So if you’re looking for a way to give your potential customers quick& simple ways to learn about you, then contact some eBook writers in South Africa for a chat.


  1. eBooks distinguish you from the competition

Even if your company doesn’t need much of a description, it’s still important to let people know that you’re the best at what you do. If you have a particular set of features that sets you apart from your competitors, why not let potential customers know about it?

There are some great South African eBook writers out there who know how to make your company shine brighter than the rest. So if you’re looking to increase sales, expand your reach, and snag some new customers, then get a company eBook out there TODAY!


  1. eBooks make great free gifts for potential customers

There’s a step-by-step process involved in obtaining information on the internet. It looks something like this.

  • Ben has a question
  • Ben Googles for the answer
  • Ben finds a bunch of resources that promise to answer his question
  • He comes across a free eBook with a summary of the info he needs
  • He downloads the eBook by providing his email address
  • Ben is now the ideal candidate for receiving regular updates about the information he was originally interested in
  • Eventually, Ben will trust and buy from the company that provided him with the information

As you can see, an eBook is a great way to market to people who are already interested in your product or service. An eBook wins you real sales leads and email addresses of people who won’t see your marketing efforts as invasive or ‘spammy’.


  1. eBooks distinguish you as an industry leader

When you provide helpful information to the public, you immediately garner their trust. They will see you as an entity with answers—one that cares enough to share those answers with those who have questions.

This is an important reason to get hold of eBook writers on an annual basis for a revamp of your information. Set yourself up as an authority in your field and let people know that you are the most trusted brand in your industry.


  1. eBooks are packed full of links

A great way to provide links for your website and your affiliates is to pack them into your eBook. This is a book that is actively advertising your company, so also people to redirect themselves to your website if they happen to find what they’re looking for.

Every time your link is clicked on, your visibility increases on Google. eBooks are excellent SEO tools because they increase your website’s chances of being visited more often. So be sure to direct your potential customers to your site, since that’s where they end up buying from you.


  1. eBooks let you paint a thousand words with pictures

Good eBook writers will understand the importance of images amongst the content. Pictures can draw the eyes to pertinent information, and even explain many facts much quicker and better than words can.

Graphs and statistics are also important elements in eBooks. Give your clients logical reasons in the form of percentages and statistics as to why they should use your company. This not only garners loads of trust, but also lets them know that you know what you’re talking about.


Copley Sutton is an experienced eBook writer from South Africa. He will take your content and display it in an easy-to-understand way that keeps readers enticed while learning about your company. Contact him now on copywriter@copleysutton.co.za