5 ways to convert VISITORS into CUSTOMERS

The blogs you have are nice. Your AdWords campaign is getting lots of clicks. Even your social media page is receiving loads of comments and feedback. But how are your sales looking? If you aren’t converting your audience into paying customers, what’s the point of it all? Here are five practical ways to actively transform website TRAFFIC into online SALES.


  1. Adapting to the culture of your audience

You’ll never get into the head of your customer unless you understand the way they speak, think and act. Customer circles have individual cultures. If you can tap into that culture, you’re on your way to establishing a client base. But how?

Getting in touch with the culture of your client involves the following:

  • Understanding the vernacular of your audience. How they speak, what they respond to and what they like.
  • Be controversial in your posts. If you can gauge people’s responses, you can read them better.
  • What is your audience doing on the weekend? If they are somewhere, that’s exactly where you want to be. Take part in events and host your own. Travelling the same circles as your audience is a great way to market yourself!


  1. Find out what makes them buy

Your audience is spending their money on something. If they’re using a service similar to yours—or if they’re buying your products elsewhere—you need to find out WHERE!

More than that, you need to establish WHY they are buying somewhere else and not from you. Someone is offering your potential clients something more than you are. The only way to win them is to find out what extra mile you can go to gain their loyalty.

This isn’t always about price—although sometimes it is. But most clients want VALUE for what they are already spending. Study your competitors and find out what you could be doing differently.


  1. You can’t go wrong with landing pages

This is the ace in the hole! Landing pages are a sure way to take visitors and turn them into customers. If you’ve never tried a landing page to sell a product or service, TRY IT RIGHT NOW!

A landing page is an external web page that has been designed to intensely sell an individual product or service. It prompts people to follow your call to action and takes them through a sales funnel which leads them to buy on the spot.


  1. Use existing customers to get new ones

Your current customers are a commodity you MUST cash in on. Here are some ways to use them to gain NEW customers:

  • Have two or three of your best customers write a reference letter for you. When quoting new customers, offer to send them a reference letter from a satisfied customer.
  • Get as many customers as you can to write testimonials for your website.
  • If you receive a compliment from a client, ask them to mention it on your social media page—and to share it with their friends!


  1. Become an authority in your industry

Do you follow the trends of your industry or do you set them? Your answer could mean the difference between being an industry leader, and fighting for your percentage of the market!

Study your industry. Become more knowledgeable than your competitors. A good way to do this is to set aside one hour every day dedicated to research and reading. Discover new ways to reach your audience. Set the trend, and have others follow YOU!


Website visitors CAN and WILL buy from you! But if all of this sounds like a lot of work to you, don’t fret. Leapfrog Media is dedicated to these practices and we do them on behalf of our clients. If you’d like more information on how we go about our strategies, give us a call.


About the Author: Copley Sutton writes for businesses across the globe. Companies in the UK, Australia, the US & South Africa utilise his copywriting services to increase their website traffic and increase sales.