5 awesome laundry hacks for bachelors

Washmen have come up with five ways to ensure that dry cleaning in Dubai is the last thing on a bachelor’s mind. If you’re an unmarried guy who wants to save time on laundry in the most convenient way possible, then these hacks are perfect for you!


  1. Use your phone to manage your laundry

Yes, it’s true: there are apps for managing your laundry in Dubai. This promises great potential for your bachelor lifestyle. Why? Because it’s so convenient and quick it’ll soon become a regular, unobtrusive part of your life.


  1. Have your laundry fetched & delivered

Between dating, working and hanging with friends, there’s very little time to worry about laundry & dry cleaning. As a bachelor, why not add more convenience & time to your schedule by arranging a laundry pick-up and drop-off from Washmen?


  1. Pay less during peak times

Washmen are not only already competitive with their pricing, but they actually discount you if you come in during their busiest hour! Other Laundromats will charge you more, but with Washmen’s ‘Happy Hour’, you pay less during their peak time.


  1. Pay electronically

If you still have to withdraw cash for your laundry, it may be time to switch to another Laundromat. Washmen will not only facilitate online payment, but also send your receipts electronically via email. No pesky slips and no need to withdraw cash. Payment is a breeze when you do your laundry at Washmen, so ask us today about our dry cleaning prices.


  1. Get an ‘All-You-Can-Wash’ bag

The best hack is this nifty invention from Washmen. It’s a bag that costs you a flat 79 AED every time you bring it in. Fill it up with as much of your laundry as you can. When it’s full, bring it in and pay the same price every time. That not only makes budgeting easier, but gives you a guideline on when it’s time to do the laundry!